Home Insurance Coverages

October 10, 2015

Own a home? Ever wonder what those coverages are on your home policy? On a home policy there are typically 2 sections. Section 1 is Property Coverages; section 2 are Liability Coverages. Here is a short breakdown of Home insurance coverages and what they mean...

First, lets talk about Property Coverage's Section 1.

  • Coverage A- Dwelling... Covers the structure of the actual house itself.
  • Coverage B- Other Structures... Covers permanent structures around the property that are NOT attached to the dwelling. An example would be a detached garage, a shed, a fence or a pool.
  • Coverage C-Personal Property... Covers your personal property; does not cover your business personal property. An example or personal property would be your bed, television, a refrigerator, anything that belongs to you that is not permanently attached to the house.
  • Coverage D- Loss of Use... In the event of a covered loss, the insurance company will provide additional coverage to you to rent a temporary place to stay, while your home is being repaired. So lets say your house burns down, your insurance company will pay for you to stay at a hotel while your home is being rebuilt.
  • Coverage B, C and D are based on percentages of coverage A. These percentages will vary from company to company.

Second, lets talk about Liability Coverage's Section 2.

  • Coverage E- Personal Liability... Covers damages which the insured is legally liable for and provides a legal defense at the insurer's expense. This coverage extends on or off the property.
  • Coverage F- Medical... Covers a visitor that gets injured on your premises but not legally your fault.

This was just a quick breakdown for homeowners to better understand your home insurance policies. For more detailed questions, please call our office. We would love to hear from you.